Here at Stonelaw we believe that Jesus responds to united hearts. When we show our willingness to pray in harmony and love, the Lord promises to be present.  

Our prayer group invites and encourages others to share their prayer needs as a group and offers prayers of praise, petition and thanksgiving to God. A safe place is created for people to share their concerns, joys and heartaches, knowing that many are praying on their behalf.

When - Sunday 9.30am

Where - Trancept Corner (Sanctuary)

If you are struggling for ideas on what you could pray for, here are some suggestions that we can continue to pray for:

  • Our Minister and his family.

  • Those in service industries - nurses, doctors, police, ambulance etc.

  • Volunteers in your community and overseas.

  • Service organisations such as Glasgow City Mission, Trussel Trust, Tearfund.

  • Your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews - and the children of your friends.

  • Our local schools.

  • Christian teachers in non-Christian schools, that they might be an effective witness.

  • Your neighbours and families in your street or community. Is there a family who is struggling? Ask God to meet their needs.

  • Government leaders and officials.

  • Your work colleagues.

  • People suffering from the effects of natural disasters all over the world, whether it is drought, flood, earthquake or any other disaster.

  • Refugees and others who have lost their homes due to civil war.

  • Those suffering from religious persecution. Pray that their faith will remain strong, and that their persecutors will come to know Christ also.

  • Your spouse.

  • Missionaries, both at home and overseas, endeavouring to share the good news of the Gospel.

Prayer is a powerful weapon and an important tool in encouraging and 

uplifting others.