Rutherglen Christian Aid Fun Run/Walk

The Rutherglen Christian Aid Fun Run/Walk will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 3rd June, so please save the date if you’re interested, and tell your friends!  The more people who get involved, the more money we’ll raise for the work of Christian Aid.  There will be a 5K route round both the outside and inside of Overtoun Park, and a shorter route for all ages entirely within the park.

If you’d like to take part, look out for information on how to register in next month’s magazine. Now the clocks have changed, maybe we’ll feel more like getting out walking or running! 

If you would like to build up to running on the day and are out of practice, you might like to try the Couch to 5K programme.  You can download it from the NHS Choices website or ask someone to print off the guidelines for you. 

Any questions?   Would you like to help?  Please contact Jean MacKenzie

Tel 647 4913   Email hjmackenzie27@btinternet.com