Faith on Fridays

Faith on Fridays is a new type of service that will be held on a Friday afternoon, once a month in the Meeting Place. The leadership team have chosen to use Messy Church materials and wished to share what Messy Church is and extend an invitation to you all to join us!

So, what is Messy Church? Faith on Fridays is church, but not as you know it.

It welcomes everyone – all ages, abilities, backgrounds, journeys of faith – and each element aims to be relevant and accessible for everybody. Faith on Fridays welcomes adults and children and creates a space where we can all come together to learn from each other and grow in our relationship with Jesus.

Messy Church reflects the creativity of God and Faith on Fridays will allow those who come to explore their own creative spark, imagination and uses hands-on activities to explore the Bible. It’s not a craft club and you won’t (always) go home covered in paint and glitter!

Messy Church is about the church being outward-facing, welcoming our community to enjoy the hospitality and unconditional love of Jesus. At Faith on Fridays we’ll be serving simple food to those who join us.

Messy Church includes celebration and reflects a God of joy who wants His people to have life in all its fullness. It says to each person, ‘You matter, you are loved, just as you are.’ Faith on Fridays will celebrate each individual and family who join us.

So come, join us, we’d love to see you there!