Pyjama Service - Sunday 24th December 7pm

Don your pyjamas (or onesies) and join us for the Christmas fun. You don’t even have to be a child. We are delighted that more and more folk without a regular church connection are coming to these very short services – so it is good if you can come along and meet with them. Yes, ok, the pyjamas are optional – as is making a Christingle (you can just bring a candle). But here are the instructions anyway:

You will need: 1 orange, 1 small candle (a birthday cake one works), red ribbon to go round the orange, 4 cocktail sticks, a few sweets or some dried fruit.

What you do: Put sweets or dried fruit onto the cocktail sticks, and put the sticks into the orange in four different directions slightly above the fattest part of the orange and pointing slightly upwards. Make a small hole in the top of the orange and put the candle in it. Tie the ribbon round the orange and fasten with a bow, or secure with a pin. Done.