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'Proverbs 8'

Rev Alistair May - September 21st 2014

Proverbs 8


Update on Tearfund Ethiopia from

Rev. Alistair May

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'Proverbs 6'

Rev Alistair May - September 16th 2014

Proverbs 6

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Exploring The God Question

Does God exist? This is a question we sometime avoid, while listening to put-downs by atheists either on the TV or among our friends. In an age of science is it madness or common sense to believe in God? God Question is aTV series that investigates whether 21st century science supports the case for a creator or removes it!


In the programmes, atheists and theists battle for the truth and ultimately the viewer decides. World renowned contributors from both sides of the debate unpack the key issues that bring alive for the viewer the cosmos, the natural world and the hidden depths of mind and consciousness. The material doesn’t tell you what to think – it encourages you to think for yourself.


This is a beautifully made production. We’re simply going to watch one of the six episodes each week, and then take time to chat about it over coffee. There’s also a colourful book with notes and reminders of key points. See more at www.thegodquestion.tv


If you can’t make a Thursday evening, we will be offering an additional opportunity on Tuesday Lunchtimes. This will run in the Meeting Place from 12.30-1.30. Bring apacked lunch; tea and coffee will be provided. Starts Tuesday 2nd September.

Sessions - Tuesdays 12:30 Thursdays 19:30    


The Cosmos (Part 1) - Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th

The Cosmos (Part 2) - Tuesday 9th & Thursday 11th


Life & Evolution (Part 1) - Tuesday 16th & Thursday 18th

Life & Evolution (Part 2) - Tuesday 23rd & Thursday 2nd


Mind & Consciousness (Part 1) - Tuesday 30th & Thursday 9th

Mind & Consciousness (Part 2) - Tuesday 21st & Thursday 16th




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Sunday Services 7th September -

10:30 Communion Service (Proverbs)

18:00 Alternative Service

Sunday Services 14th September -

10:30 Morning Service (Proverbs)

18:30 Evening Service (Ephesians)

THURSDAY 25th September - Carpenter & May Band from Nashville Tennessee Tickets £10 Click Here for more info